Woodbridge Fire finally made it out on a fishing trip - it only took 8 months with the crazy weather we've been having.   In my humble opinion it was worth the wait, the weather was great, conditions were great, along with the short action.  We boated 7 keepers for the night.  All had a great time.  

Sailing open THURS PM - 5 to 9 PM, Sat and Sun 4 to 8 Pm.   Tickets available for the Fireworks Amboy and NY Macy's.


Monday 6/24 Raritan BAY Fluke Report

Open Boat Monday we had a lite crowd today,  it was a top 10 day on the water wise and the fishing continues to improve- Sy Hiller won the pool with on of his two keepers.  7 keepers and 50 shorts all I can say its getting better.  



Magic Hours Sun 6/23 -  Still trying to boat more keepers - the short action tonight was alive and well, l to bad 90 % were less than the legal limit.  Great conditions with the outgoing and nw wind.   The fish definitely like the warmer outgoing water in the afternoon.   Pool winner Steve Brandon pictured in the middle from Parlin section of Sayreville, 3.6 pounds again!


Fluke Raritan Bay -3rd Annual Bayview Rod & Gun Trip

Another beautiful weather day in the books,  wind was a little too much and wrong direction but I'm not complaining.  The Bayview Rod and Gun had their third annual fishing trip today.  I can't say it was great but I can say the fishing in the back is slowly improving with shorts providing the bulk of the action and a few keeps sprinkled in.    Pool fish was bagged on the last drift by DJ Jurkiwiewicz from Sayreville.  The fluke tipped the scales at 3.4 oz.   Sailing open tomorrow morning 7AM open boat. 


Great Catches

Captain Gary L. Bouchard