Biesiada Fluke Trip

Im happy to report that fishing saw a slight improvement tonight from where it has been, but still has a long way to go.   The B Biesiada group had pretty good conditions that made for long drifts.  We picked away at shorts  and had 5 keepers mixed in.  Dominick Furnback from New Egypt won the pool with a 3.3 # fluke.


Fishing Raritan Bay Sandy HookFluke

The crazy weather continues and so does the slower than expected fluke fishing.     Saturday night we sailed with less than ideal conditions which would only allow us to fish in certain areas, however we did see more action with shorts and managed fish for both sides of the scale.  Pool winner Marc Hogan Sayreville NJ.    Linden Hunting and Fishing Club was aboard for there annual Father's Day fluke trip.   We bounced around in the back and saw very little and decided to take the ride east.   Shorts action was much better however the pool fish was still swimming.   When you think all hope is lost BAM,  Steve Keker from Rahway boated a 10.9 # fluke.   Biggest fish of the year thus far.   No worries folks he is not in the Masters!


Raritan Bay Sandy Hook Sea Bass Switch Up

Riener HVAC was aboard for a little off shore seabags trip.   It was definitely nice to bend some rods for a change.   We landed multiple species today and the gang had a great time.   Keeper Sea bass - flounder - fluke and mackerel and along with a steady chew of smaller sea bass.


Raritan Bay FLUKEEE

Fishing remains difficult to say the least.  We got  lucky this evening and found a few keeps and a handful of shorts on one drift for the folks of IBEW 456.


Great Catches

Captain Gary L. Bouchard