Raritan, Sandy Hook Charters

The Misty Morn will be available for charter through November.  All fishing reports are posted on Facebook.  


Misty Morn Fluke Fishing Raritan Bay

OBHS annual Hooked on Fishing Not Drugs was a success despite the weather 

and slow fishing.  The students really enjoyed themselves and had a great day.


Raritan Bay Magic Hour Fluke




Well last night we saw no drift and tonight we started with way tooooooo much of it. Saw a few shorts and than on our 3rd drift bang keeper. 9 year old Mike Fernandez from East Brunswick boated the first short, 2nd keeper and than another keeper to become high hook and pool winner. Boy he schooled all the old timers tonight. His sister Mia wasn't to shabby either landing her share of shorts and robins. Overall it was a step in the right direction as far as the fishing is concerned .  
Sailing Friday 7AM & 5 PM, SAT PM 4, SUN 7AM & 4PM.


Raritan Bay Fluke Misty Morn

We had another foggy morning. We tried fishing local and didn't have much luck so we took a ride further to the east. Fishing still isn't what it should be. Today was better than yesterday, more shorts and keepers were caught. Shorts still have the heavier side of the keeper to short ratio, but that isn't necessarily a bad sign. The suns shining, we caught some fish, all is good in the world 


Great Catches

Captain Gary L. Bouchard